Mechanical Stationary Equipment Engineer


Position description

We are seeking a Mechanical Stationary Equipment Engineer to work with Saudi Aramco Global Manufacturing Excellence experience in mechanical asset integrity and inspection to join the Global Manufacturing Support Department (GMSD).

The GMSD is a multi-disciplinary organization with interface to technical, and in some cases business, support requirements of Domestic Refining & NGL Fractionation Admin Area and Saudi Aramco Affiliates. Its function caters mainly to the technical needs of Global Manufacturing, operating facilities management, and drive the performances of operating facilities in executing corporate programs and initiatives towards operational excellence and value creation.

The primary role is to provide technical support to operating facilities, projects, technology deployment, and talent development of new Stationary Equipment Engineers. You will conduct special studies and analyses in a specialized asset integrity field, such as necessary mechanical calculations for piping, pressure vessel, shell and tube heat exchangers, air cooler fin fans, branch reinforcement, MAWP, hydrotest pressure, rating and/or de-rating, fitness for service to evaluate flaws or damage, pipe stress analysis, flange calculations, and perform nozzle calculations.


Minimum requirements

The successful candidate should have:

  • BS in Mechanical Engineering
  • Minimum fifteen (15) years in the refinery industry specifically in asset integrity of stationary equipment, with at least 10 years field experience working on plants major turnaround and field troubleshooting.
  • Must be fluent in English (both spoken and written).
  • Must have a thorough knowledge of best engineering practices, solid industry codes and standards background (ASME, API, NACE, ASTM, ISO) and use of engineering software.


Duties & responsibilities

You will be required to perform the following:

  • Perform field troubleshooting in a daily basis or as requested.
  • Participate on major T&Is and emergency plant shutdowns.
  • Provide support to maintenance support organizations like Machine Shop or Welding Shop by developing repair procedures or just simply follow up on-going repairs.
  • Provide proposals for repairs or avail any idea that can come up from the execution team from a technical stand point.
  • Participate in facilities audits activities.
  • Provide engineering support to repair hydrocarbon leaks, review and approve the bolted clamp calculations and design made by the specialized leak sealing contractors companies to maintenance prior to field installation.
  • Review detailed drawings and material specification from Layout Group for piping modifications as requested.
  • Participate in HAZOP Studies review.
  • Perform piping mechanical calculations like minimum wall thickness for internal and external pressure, branch reinforcement calculations, MAWP calculations as per ASME B31.3, hydrotest pressure, rating and/or de-rating of piping circuits by following API 570, fitness for service to evaluate flaws or damage and determine if the piece of pipe is suitable for continuous operation by using API 579, perform pipe stress analysis using Caesar II, perform flange calculations as per ASME VIII Div 1 App 2 using PVElite, perform nozzle calculations using WRC-107 and WRC-297 modeling the analysis in Caesar II or PVElite.
  • Perform pressure vessel calculations like minimum wall thickness for internal and external pressure, nozzle reinforcement calculations, MAWP calculations, stability and buckling calculations for vessels to be PWHTed, rating and/or de-rating of pressure vessels by following API 510, NBIC-23, ASME Code VIII Div 1 and/or 2 when applicable.
  • Perform shell and tube heat exchangers calculations as per TEMA standard, calculate tubesheet minimum thickness, calculate minimum tube wall thickness, perform flow induced vibration calculations.
  • Perform air coolers calculations and asses mechanical design as per API 661, perform mechanical assessment and ligament efficiency calculations for tubesheet and plugsheet hole size enlargement as per ASME VII Div 1 App 13 by using PVElite.
  • Perform Fire Heaters calculations like minimum wall thickness (Elastic and Rupture Creep) as per API 530. Perform tube remaining life calculations and overall mechanical assessment of radiant/convection section tube supports, perform mechanical calculations of fire heaters stack (Minimum wall thickness and Vibration and analysis).
  • Mechanical calculations and technical assessment of all the miscellaneous mechanical items, for example: Expansion Joints, steam Traps, special valves, strainers, quill injector vortex shedding calculations.
  • Perform Hot Taps calculations by using Aramco standard SAEP-311 and API 2201.
  • Troubleshoot and assess valve selection, perform mechanical calculations for check valves, perform torque calculations for valve stems, etc.
  • Calculate and select spring hangers, provide maintenance with repair procedures.
  • Select gaskets type and materials, provide correct specification and applicability to critical services.
  • As requested, perform mechanical and hydraulic assessment to equipment skids like for example Pumps Flushing Oil System (Piping, Exchangers, filters, oil container, etc.)
  • Perform mechanical assessment for firefighting equipment and systems, perform basic hydraulic calculations for deluge systems, sprinklers, fire monitors, get the concurrence from chief fire prevention engineer is required.
  • Provide support to all Tank Farm area by performing calculations as per API 650 and reviewing procedures as per API 653 for storage tanks repair and maintenance.
  • Perform basic structural calculations for temporary supports and any other structure minor modification as requested.
  • Provide basic refractory assessment.


How to apply

If you believe you meet the requirements for this role, please contact us with your CV and state "AAS - [Job Title]" in the subject line. 

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