We know that joining Saudi Aramco is not a decision that you take lightly. A change of job, culture, and lifestyle is momentous. So we make sure your effort and hard work is rewarded in more ways than one.

Career development

Professional growth is as important to us as it is to you. Because the more you learn, the more we can succeed. This is why we'll give you ample opportunity to develop your career and expertise.

We're proud to administer one of the largest, most comprehensive training and development programs in the world. As one of our professionals, you'll be encouraged to join societies and task forces committed to improving every facet of our industry.

What's more, by joining our multinational team of experts, you'll benefit from a range of experiences, abilities, and perspectives – not to mention the fact that you'll be working with the most up-to-date tools and technologies. In this environment of collaboration, our employees have been responsible for numerous technical breakthroughs and innovations that have pushed the boundaries of oil and gas exploration and production.


Salary and rewards

When you join Aramco, as well as enjoying a highly competitive salary, you can also look forward to a comprehensive benefits package. Below you'll find a brief overview of what you can expect. Full terms and specifics will be given to you as part of your formal job offer.

  1. Premiums. We offer a premium over your base salary.
  2. Bonuses. You'll also participate in the Saudi Aramco Incentive Plan – a company-wide variable pay plan that provides individual incentive payouts based on corporate and individual performance.
  3. Annual Merit Increases. Base salaries are reviewed every year. Subject to individual performance ratings, employees can usually expect to receive an increase in their base salary.
  4. Settling-in allowance. We pay all new hires a settling-in allowance within the first or second paycheck.
  5. Rental Assistance. If you live in the local community, Saudi Aramco will contribute towards the costs by providing a Rental Assistance Allowance to help secure your own housing.
  6. Severance award. In accordance with the Saudi Labor Law, Saudi Aramco offers severance pay to employees who leave after two or more years of satisfactory service. This award is based on the length of continuous service and final pay (including base salary, standard overbase, and benefits supplement) and can be substantial. For instance, an employee with 10 years of service would receive a severance of around 7.5 times their monthly final pay.
  7. Death benefit. Saudi Aramco pays an ex-gratia death benefit that's equal to 24 months base pay for industrial accidents and 12 months base pay if it's not industrial related.
  8. Medical care. This is free for all employees and their families that live with them in Saudi Arabia. You'll be cared for either through our own medical facilities within our family communities or at approved hospitals within the Kingdom.
  9. Educational assistance. You can apply for educational assistance, which reimburses you, up to established limits, for enrolling your children in private schools overseas and also international schools in-Kingdom.
  10. Holidays. You can look forward to up to 38 calendar days of paid leave each year. What's more, you also get an extra 2-4 days travel time – meaning the time you take off is actually the time you spend in your chosen destination. In addition, you'll typically be granted between 9 and 11 days of national public holidays each year.
  11. Airfare allowance. We offer a generous airfare allowance for all our employees. If you're a single/family status employee, you'll be granted the cash equivalent of the company approved full return economy class airfare to your point of origin, which we'll pay to you when you take your annual “repatriation” vacation. If you're a family status employee, you'll also receive this entitlement for your spouse and children living in-Kingdom. Additionally, we'll grant you 25% of the cost of the airfare to cover incidental travel expenses.
  12. Recreational Facilities. When you join the company, wherever you live, you and your family will have complimentary access to a range of facilities across the various Saudi Aramco residential communities. These include swimming pools, tennis courts, ten-pin bowling alleys, and golf courses.