Hiring process


If you are interested in joining Saudi Aramco and believe you have the experience and skills we’re looking for, please submit your CV to Aramco-Jobs@aramcoasia.com. Our talent acquisition team will get be in touch should your profile match our requirements.


If your CV is shortlisted by our hiring organization, our talent acquisition team will facilitate your interview with our Saudi Aramco technical representatives. This will take place either via telephone, video conferencing or face to face, at our Singapore office or a recruiting event elsewhere in Asia Pacific.


Upon Saudi Aramco's authorization, Aramco Asia Singapore Pte. Ltd. acting on behalf of Saudi Aramco will give you a written conditional offer of employment. This offer outlines the compensation package and specifies the conditions that must be met by you to take up employment with Saudi Aramco. Along with the offer letter, you will receive a detailed "salary worksheet” which provides a breakdown of the offered package. This conditional offer is contingent upon meeting the specified conditions, which are required before you can be employed by Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia.


After accepting our offer, you will be assigned a Relocation Advisor who will assist you throughout your relocation process, including fulfilling processing requirements such as:

  • Clearing medical examination and background checks

  • Obtaining clearance for any dependents who will attend Saudi Aramco Schools

  • Getting necessary documents attested by relevant government agencies

  • Having a visa* issued by the Saudi Arabian Consulate

  • Advice on giving notice to your current employer

  • Making travel arrangements to Saudi Arabia

*To live and work in Saudi Arabia, you will need to secure a visa and residence permit from the Saudi Arabian government. Our team will fully support you throughout the entire visa application process.


Accepting an offer to work and live overseas is a major decision that affects the whole family. Your Relocation Advisor will conduct a pre-departure orientation for you and your dependent(s). The orientation will provide you with more insights about living in Saudi Arabia and further information about working at Saudi Aramco such as compensation, benefits, and more.


Saudi Aramco has a general office at Dammam airport, which is open 24 hours a day and handles the arrival service of new hires. Here, you will be provided local orientation details, temporary identification, accommodation keys, etc. A company representative or assigned driver will be arranged to send you to your accommodation.

*Please note that, in accordance with Saudi Arabian government immigration authority directives, all unaccompanied females arriving in the Kingdom for the first time must be escorted by a Saudi Aramco representative from the immigration area to their residence location.