Promoting biodiversity


At Saudi Aramco, we strive to create a culture that prioritizes community’s understanding of ecological habitats, plants and animals, and promotes their protection. Through our office in Singapore, we have mobilized our resources to generate opportunities that help make a positive impact on people and their communities in the Southeast Asia and Oceania regions.

Mangrove conservation initiative

Promoting and protecting biodiversity through educational programmes and positive interventions is a key focus of Aramco’s commitment to the environment. The Sungai Johor (Johor River) is the largest river in Johor dotted with mangrove forests that provide a critical habitat for birds and marine life.

With this ecosystem under pressure from development, Aramco Singapore is with Global Environmental Centre, a local non-government organisation in Malaysia, to preserve and protect this natural resource for future generations.

Aramco Singapore - Johor Mangrove

Since 2018, more than 500 volunteers from Aramco, our partners and the community in Johor planted 5,000 mangrove saplings to rehabilitate 2.5 hectares mangrove area in Johor. Through a community-based mangrove conservation programme, we plan to plant a total of 10,000 mangrove saplings by end of 2020.

Further afield

The Collaborative Innovation Center of Chemistry for Energy Materials (iChEM): We have partnered with iChEM, which was established jointly by three Chinese universities, to launch the Energy Environmental Innovation Challenge to support teams of students interested in clean energy, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development.

North America

Smithsonian Institution, SI Move: A groundbreaking initiative, SI Move follows various species of terrestrial, avian, and marine animals with satellite tracking devices to improve the understanding of migration patterns and ecosystems. With our support, the Smithsonian has attached satellite devices to more than 75 animals, representing 10 species around the world. As part of our collaboration with SI Move in Saudi Arabia, Arabian oryx, Asir magpie, and black-tipped reef sharks will be tracked.

Sea Alarm Foundation, the European Regional Seas Oiled Wildlife Preparedness Program: The Foundation seeks to establish coastal oiled wildlife response plans and professional response capabilities worldwide. With our support, the foundation is organizing wildlife training and exercise programs for the Mediterranean, Atlantic/North Sea, and Baltic regions.