Maintenance & Reliability Management Professional


Position description

We are seeking a Maintenance & Reliability Management Professional to join Corporate Maintenance Services (CMS) of Industrial Services.

CMS is responsible for providing maintenance management governance in the company, issuing and maintaining governing policies and instructions on how to manage maintenance, setting the maintenance management strategy and model within Aramco, and being the custodian of the computerized maintenance management systems (CMMSs) of the company. Additionally, CMS performs compliance assessments and advises corporate management over the maintenance performance within the company, and conducting deep-dive studies where required to evaluate specific issues.

The Maintenance & Reliability Management Professional’s primary role is to be part of the strategic maintenance analysis team, analyzing the company’s maintenance performance data, studying market trends affecting the field of maintenance and reliability, devising corporate maintenance management strategies, and issuing regular maintenance performance reports.


Minimum requirements

The successful candidate should have:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in any field of Engineering from a recognized and approved program. A Master’s degree in Engineering Management, Industrial Engineering, or an MBA is preferred.
  • Ten years of experience in the field of maintenance, including at least three years in the field of maintenance management, consulting, or advisory services.
  • Familiarity with using CMMSs, navigating through them, and able to use them to generate reports to analyze maintenance data.
  • Ability to manage the financial and economic side of maintenance management, applying micro and macroeconomic concepts in a work assignment, and able to apply strategy and market analysis concepts into the field of maintenance.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both in written and verbal communication.


Duties & responsibilities

You will be required to perform the following:

  • Conduct corporate maintenance performance analysis.
  • Provide corporate maintenance planning and forecasting.
  • Issue periodic corporate maintenance performance reports.
  • Conduct corporate maintenance performance benchmarks.
  • Review and analyze industry in relation to maintenance and reliability, and provide insights on opportunities and areas of improvement.
  • Draft and maintain existing corporate maintenance and reliability governance documents.
  • Create and present PowerPoint presentations and deliver these presentations to different audiences, from front line workers to corporate management.


How to apply

If you believe you meet the requirements for this role, please contact us with your CV and state AAS - “Job Title” in the subject. 

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