Electrical/Instrument and Process Control Engineer


Position description

We are seeking an Electrical/Instrument and Process Control Engineer to join the South Ghawar Gas Producing Engineering Division (SGGPED), under the South Ghawar Gas Producing Department (SGGPD).

The organization handles all instruments-related issues associated with gas producing facilities.

Minimum requirements

The successful candidate should hold a Bachelor's degree in Electrical/Instrument and Control Engineering.

Minimum 12 years' experience with a strong preference for 15 years' plus experience in Oil and Gas Industry.

Full knowledge of international standards and best practices.

Comprehensive knowledge and practical experience in instrument engineering projects, design, maintenance, assessments, studies, investigations, analysis, optimization, troubleshooting, detailed reports, and technical evaluations.

Ability to describe the components of PCS interfaces and integration techniques to sub-systems, including safety systems, measurement systems, and smart devices.

Ability to describe the components, structure, and operation of any instrument-related control panel.

Ability to describe material specifications commonly used for PCS and sub-systems. Outline basic hardware, software, networks, etc.

Duties & responsibilities

You are expected to perform the following:

Design or study instrument and control systems modifications to oil and gas facilities.

Share Instrument and control engineering knowledge, experience, and mentoring.

Issue engineering design packages for Instrumentation.

Develop solutions for instrument challenges.

Provide technical support to operations and maintenance for instrument and control-related issues.

Review and comment on project design documents for pressure, flow, temperature, level and analytical field analyzer, in addition to control valves, MOVs, AOVs, and EIVs.

Develop and update instrument loops diagrams, as well as PFDs, PIDs, ISDs, ILDs, and Data Sheets.

Lead the instrumentation design, installation, and commissioning of the wiring, cabling, and grounding systems for instrumentation following Company and international standards.

Select and specify smart device for new projects and act as advisor in the selection of equipment from various vendors in order to achieve the optimum and the most cost-effective design.

How to apply

If you believe you meet the requirements for this role, please contact us with your CV and state AAS - “Job Title” in the subject.

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