Field Operations Maintenance Representative


Position description

We are seeking a Loss Prevention Field Operations Maintenance Representative to join the Saudi Aramco Loss Prevention Department (LPD). The primary function of a Loss Prevention Field Operations Maintenance Representative is to provide daily support to line organizations, to help them ensure safety is properly managed.

Saudi Aramco is a fully integrated, global, petroleum enterprise, and a world leader in exploration and production, refining, distribution and petrochemicals.

LPD provides safety services to customers and stakeholders, including corporate and executive management, Saudi Aramco operating, support and project organizations, employees, the Saudi Arabian government, contractors, and members of the public. LPD has nine divisions – seven field divisions and two centralized technical support divisions. Field offices are located in Abqaiq, Riyadh, Ras Tanura, Dhahran, ‘Udhailiyah, Jiddah (including Yanbu’ and Jazan), and Tanajib.

The Field Operations Maintenance Representative’s primary role is to work with operating organizations in these areas, to provide daily field safety support, to ensure safety is properly managed in all operational activities, such as exploration, drilling, production, refining, distribution and pipelines, project design and construction, transportation, and other related activities.


Minimum requirements

The successful candidate will have:

  • A BA/BS degree plus 7 years of relevant industry experience. This would include areas such as: operations and maintenance, plant engineering, construction, turnaround and inspection, safety program development and process safety OR,
  • Fifteen years of relevant industry experience, as referenced above, without a degree.

The candidate must have the following:

  • The ability to communicate in technical English with peers as well as members of management, and be able to produce clear and concise oral and written reports in English.
  • Knowledge of modern safety management systems, processes, and techniques applicable to the oil and gas industry; as well as International industry fire and safety codes, recommended practices, standards and specifications.

Desired competencies:

  • Have a working knowledge/experience of risk assessment and mitigation methodologies, such as the development and review of risk assessments, job safety analysis (JSA), and method statements.
  • Have experience in delivering safety training topics to field based workers, (i.e., employees and contractors).
  • Understand the hazards related to oil and gas producing/processing and their relevant controls (e.g., the hazards associated with hydrogen sulfide and other hazardous materials, and plant isolation).
  • Have a working knowledge of critical, yet universal safety tasks and control methodologies related to general work (e.g., work at height, confined space entry, and working in or around excavations).
  • Have a working knowledge of work permit/authorization processes and their field application.
  • Have a working knowledge of job task measurement methodologies (i.e., field based audits/inspections of work processes related to critical and hazardous tasks).
  • Have experience in the management of contractors at work sites (i.e., contractor selection, communications, and measurement of performance). In addition, a working experience of strategies for improving contractor performance.
  • Has worked in a dedicated HSE role during the execution of a major planned maintenance activity (i.e., T&I), of major project upgrade within an oil and gas facility.
  • Understands the principles and values of reporting, classifying and investigating all incidents. Has actively participated in incident investigations to determine root causes and prevent reoccurrence.


Duties & responsibilities

You are required to perform the following:

  • Provide ongoing support to proponent organizations to assist them in implementing the Saudi Aramco Safety Management System to meet safety objectives and expectations. This support includes: assisting proponent organizations in developing safety processes related to risk assessment and management, safety training, asset integrity, safe operations, contractor safety, emergency preparedness, incident investigations, etc.
  • Conduct field inspections/reviewes of onshore and offshore oil/gas facilities, project construction sites, drilling rigs, and support facilities such office buildings, warehouses, and communities. This includes working with proponent organizations to identify safety concerns, formulate solutions, and develop practical and cost-effective corrective actions.
  • Participate in various safety studies/activities, such as: PHAs, HAZOPs, JSAs, incident investigations, compliance reviews, or insurance surveys.
  • Participate in or lead risk studies or conduct consequence analyses, e.g., toxic gas dispersion modeling.
  • Develop and update safety standards, instructions, codes, and formalize them into company documented practices, as required.
  • Review designs for new projects and upgrade of existing facilities for compliance with company and industry safety standards, as required.
  • Respond to emergency situations and incidents either during or after regular working hours, to provide technical assistance and advice.
  • Participate in developing and promoting on- or off-job safety educational programs to address safety issues or concerns. Assigned tasks may include: preparation of articles for publication, development of promotional materials, and delivery of presentations.
  • Act as a mentor to other loss prevention professionals.
  • Provide safety support to Saudi Aramco affiliates, as directed.


How to apply

If you believe you meet the requirements for this role, please contact us with your CV and state "AAS - [Job Title]" in the subject line.

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