Improving inclusiveness in work surroundings

In a company first, North Park Office Services has received a gold Mowaamah certification for its inclusive business environment.

Mowaamah, run by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, is an accreditation awarded to companies that provide suitable work surroundings for people with disabilities.

The program is a licensing system designed to promote the employment of people with disabilities. Gold certification is awarded to companies with a 70% to 100% compliance level and is valid for two years.

The North Park Office Services Division received the award with 75% compliance for its North Park 1, 2, and 3 buildings, Al Midra Tower, and the Support Services Building.

Ahmed A. Zahid, the manager of the Office Services Department, said the certification proves that Aramco has appropriate facilities and technologies for people with disabilities.

“This enables them to obtain suitable work opportunities and help them achieve success and independence in their work,” he said.

The ministry assesses eight operational areas — hiring intentions, company communication processes, employee communication training, equal opportunity provisions, recruitment practices, information and communication technology availability, facilities access and comfort, and products and services development — to see whether they are inclusive for people with disabilities. Seven out of these eight areas apply to all Aramco facilities.

Community Services’ (CS) Office Services Department led the successful application and has identified a further 293 company facilities in 23 locations Kingdomwide, which are now registered in the Mowaamah portal for certification in 2021.

CS is taking the lead in pursuing the certification in line with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development’s goal to achieve the objectives of the National Transformation Program 2020, which is based on Saudi Vision 2030. The accreditation highlights Aramco’s corporate and social commitment to a diverse workplace.

The accreditation process started on June 15, 2020, and consisted of a series of six steps, including a self-assessment, the submission of evidence, and an onsite audit and subsequent assessment.

Recently, North Park Office Services was granted the gold certification to become the first Aramco organization to receive the accreditation.

The award was supported by CS management and the North Park Office Services team, along with Government Affairs’ Eastern Province Department, Human Resources and its Diversity and Inclusion Division, the Management and Professional Development Department, the Staffing Services Department, the Organization Consulting Department, and Information Technology’s Planning and Performance Management Group.

'I'm very proud to witness the success of the first tangible initiative for people with disabilities, which is part of a bigger, longer term plan to achieve compliance throughout all Aramco buildings and facilities.'


- Faisal A. Al-Haiji, Executive director of community services