Operations Coordinator LNG


The LNG Operations Coordinator is responsible for providing smooth and efficient logistics movement through organising, managing and tracking physical product movement. Includes support for LNG contract negotiations and LNG ship chartering and shipping operations.

Job description

  • Monitor the implementation of the strategy, policy, procedures and targets for LNG operations in accordance with company policies.
  • Secure vessel clearance and movement, including working with terminals, inspectors and port agents, at load and discharge ports.
  • Issue notices to counterparties and ship master, and manage load and discharge orders for cargoes. Analyse load and discharge reports to monitor quantity and quality, appoint and work with cargo surveyors.
  • LNG trade preparation, reconciliation and review. Including calculation and negotiation for demurrage and boil-off.
  • Work closely with Trader(s) to provide smooth operations support and jointly implement trading strategies and maximise commercial value.
  • Handle & support LNG shipping operations to ensure orders are carried out in compliance with trade instructions and company policies.
  • Lead on transport economics, min/max load balances and inventory optimization, by using analytical models and tools; and perform analysis of the transportation means, ensuring that the product can be moved efficiently. Work closely on the deal owner for any resolution.


Qualifications / Experience

  • 5+ years’ experience in the LNG industry for Bachelor degree holder or 10+ years of experience in LNG operations for Diploma holders.
  • Experience working in LNG operations for International Oil Companies, National Oil Companies or Trading Houses.
  • Managed day-to-day LNG operations for complete cargo cycle. Familiar with LNG ship chartering and shipping operations.
  • Understand and able to implement LNG contractual arrangements set out in MSPAs and CNs.
  • Experience in scheduling of loading and delivering windows. Correspondingly support in scheduling of LNG vessel to meet windows.
  • Experience in negotiating of LNG contracts and ship time charter.


How to apply

If you believe you meet the requirements for this role, please contact us with your CV stating your experience as well as current & expected salary.

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