Aramco and Habitat for Humanity Vietnam launch solar energy project to improve access to electricity for communities in Dong Thap

Aramco Project Sunshine was launched on 28 June by Le Xuan Hai, Chairman of Union of Friendship Organizations of Dong Thap Province (first row, fifth from left); Nguyen Van Hiep, Vice Chairman of People’s Committee of Thap Muoi District (first row, seventh from left); Ashraf Alfagih, Vice President of Public Affairs for Aramco Asia (first row, fourth from left); Maricelle Regino-Borja, National Director of Habitat for Humanity Vietnam (first row, sixth from left); and the local community.

Habitat for Humanity Vietnam, in collaboration with Aramco, has launched Aramco Project Sunshine, to provide reliable and renewable solar energy solutions to underserved communities in Thap Muoi District, Dong Thap Province, Vietnam.

The project encompasses a holistic approach toward enhancing the lives of families, including the installation of solar energy systems and home renovations for 40 families, ensuring seamless integration of new energy solutions into their lives. Another 26 families who have previously undergone house renovations under the Habitat Vietnam housing program will also be equipped with solar energy systems, further enhancing their quality of life.

Thap Muoi District receives an impressive average of 6.8 hours of sunlight daily, making it a prime location for harnessing solar power. The project addresses the pressing issue of energy access in underserved communities. Despite being connected to the national electricity grid, frequent power outages disrupt daily activities, such as cooking, cleaning, and electronic device usage. These outages often disrupt work and access to education. One of the core objectives of Aramco Project Sunshine is to tap into the immense potential of solar energy as a viable solution to these energy-related challenges.

By leveraging solar energy as a sustainable and accessible solution to improve the living conditions of households, the project aligns with Vietnam's renewable energy goals outlined in the Power Development Plan 8 draft for 2021-2030. As part of this initiative, Habitat for Humanity Vietnam will ensure that families have the necessary skills to responsibly maintain their solar energy systems.

Fai K. Aldossary, Managing Director of Aramco Asia Singapore, said “We are thrilled as Project Sunshine marks our first community project in Vietnam. Aramco strongly believes access to reliable energy has the potential to empower communities and uplift lives. This project is aligned with our global efforts in implementing sustainability initiatives. We are pleased with the opportunity to work alongside Habitat for Humanity and the local government to support underserved communities in Vietnam.” Ashraf Alfagih, vice president of public affairs in Aramco Asia represented the company in the opening event.

“Project Sunshine is not only illuminating homes but also the paths to education and better health. Reliable access to energy connects children to learning resources and enables families to care for their well-being. Dong Thap has been a long-term project partner of Habitat for Humanity Vietnam. This initiative is exciting as it further enhances the impact of our previous projects," said Maricelle Regino-Borja, National Director of Habitat for Humanity Vietnam.

Beyond the access to renewable energy, another key highlight of the project is its behavior change communication approach, which imparts essential knowledge and fosters sustainable energy habits within communities. Insight and experiences from the project can be replicated in other localities to impact even more families.

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