Aramco Singapore collaborates with National Parks Board to conserve and promote marine biodiversity in Singapore

Marwa AlKhuzaim AAS MD with Singapore President
Ms. Marwa Al-Khuzaim (second from left), Managing Director, Aramco Asia Singapore, sharing with Singapore President Halimah Yacob (right) about Aramco’s support for the CoralAID Mineral Accretion units trial.

Aramco Asia Singapore (Aramco Singapore) is teaming up with the National Parks Board (NParks) to protect and enhance Singapore’s marine biodiversity by supporting two new initiatives — the trial application of CoralAID Mineral Accretion (CAMA) units, and a new Marine Biology and Conservation Educational Programme.

Coral reefs are invaluable sources of ecological and economic richness. These ecosystems serve as nurseries for numerous marine species and act as natural barriers against coastal erosion. In Singapore, coral reefs support an ecosystem inhabited by rare and endangered species of seahorses, clams, sponges and other marine life.

As part of Aramco’s contribution of US$196,000 to Garden City Fund, the two new initiatives aim to establish the CAMA units in Singapore’s waters to enhance coral growth, and educate students and the general public about the importance of protecting and conserving marine biodiversity.

New technology in Singapore to boost coral growth and enhance marine biodiversity

The CoralAID Mineral Accretion (CAMA) units, a new NParks initiative under the “Plant-A-Coral, Seed-A-Reef” programme, will trial the use of mineral accretion technology in the reef enhancement units. This is the first time such technology is being used in Singapore, whereby corals are subjected to low-voltage electricity to stimulate their growth.

Marwa Al-Khuzaim AAS MD with Singapore President Group Photo 25Sep2021
Aramco’s support to enhance Singapore’s marine biodiversity was announced at the NParks’ Festival of Biodiversity on 25 September 2021 where Singapore President Halimah Yacob (middle) was the Guest-of-Honor. In attendance were Mr. Desmond Lee (right), Minister for National Development and Minister-in-charge of Social Services Integration; Ms. Marwa Al-Khuzaim (second from left), Managing Director, Aramco Asia Singapore and Dr. Karenne Tun (second from right), Director, National Biodiversity Centre, NParks. PHOTO CREDIT: NATIONAL PARKS BOARD

Marwa Al-Khuzaim, Managing Director, Aramco Asia Singapore said: “At Aramco, we strongly believe in protecting and preserving the natural environment while delivering our business promise to provide the energy products the world needs. In Saudi Arabia, Aramco has actively promoted the growth of marine life in the Gulf with artificial reefs and we are very pleased to support the Singapore NParks’ efforts in conserving and promoting marine biodiversity in Singapore’s waters.”

New educational programme to empower community to take action towards marine conservation

From 2021 to 2022, Aramco will support a new programme to educate students and the general public about local marine biology and marine conservation efforts. This programme aims to empower more individuals to take action towards marine conservation by raising their awareness and appreciation for Singapore’s diverse marine biodiversity, as well as other sustainability and conservation issues. A variety of educational resources and programmes, such as activity books, videos and educational workshops, will be designed for different age groups.

“Aramco advocates a culture that prioritises understanding of ecological habitats and promotes their protection. Engaging communities is an integral part of Aramco’s environmental stewardship and we are proud to collaborate with NParks in raising awareness about the importance of biodiversity protection to schools and the general public in Singapore,” added Ms. Al-Khuzaim.

“Climate change is anticipated to drive increases in surface temperatures, which will negatively impact corals and marine biodiversity. Therefore, such collaborations with organisations like Aramco to support research, outreach and education are timely. Together, we can co-develop solutions to better equip ourselves to meet these challenges and to ensure resilience and conservation of our marine biodiversity for future generations,” said Professor Leo Tan, Chairman, Garden City Fund.

Aramco employees volunteering
To support Singapore’s marine biodiversity efforts, Aramco Singapore employees volunteered to perform coral nursery maintenance work at the Marine Park Outreach on 8 September 2021.

As part of the “Plant-A-Coral, Seed-A-Reef” programme, employees from Aramco Singapore performed coral nursery maintenance work at the Marine Park Outreach on 8 September 2021. Aramco employees will also participate in future volunteering activities.

Aramco has a long history of protecting marine biodiversity globally, including its collaborations with King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology to conduct long-term multidisciplinary marine research on the Red Sea; establish artificial reefs in Saudi Arabia; and improve the health and resilience of coral reefs in the United States and Japan.

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