Invest in Saudi Arabia

The government of Saudi Arabia deeply values foreign investors and the prosperity they bring to the local economy. That is why the government has offered attractive programs for investors to enable them to do business within the Kingdom.

Saudi Aramco is always keen on establishing value-added investments in Saudi Arabia through partnerships with multinational and global industry leaders.

Aramco Asia Singapore was established to facilitate the provision of services and support in order for Saudi Aramco to manage its business and partnerships in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Aramco Asia Singapore provides services and support to Saudi Aramco’s various strategic business partners in the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia, building on the successful business relationships established in Saudi Arabia.

A lasting investment

Foreign investors interested in doing business in Saudi Arabia may want to consider the various attractive aspects of doing business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For additional information on opportunities with Saudi Aramco, please visit the websites of Saudi Aramco and Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA).