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Aramco Singapore is supporting a wide range of services for the benefit of both Saudi Aramco and its customers in southeast Asia, Australasia and the Indian subcontinent.


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We're actively seeking new partners to work with - and capitalise on the immense promise of the ASEAN ambition.

Working with us

Saudi Aramco Petronas JV

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

PETRONAS, Saudi Aramco announce formation of their two new joint ventures in Malaysia

These Joint Ventures allow the parties equal ownership and participation in the operations of the new refinery and selected petrochemical facility, which is part of the Refinery and Petrochemicals Development (RAPID) project within Pengerang Integrated Complex (PIC) in Malaysia’s southern state of Johor.

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Sats Inauguration


Aramco Trading inaugurates first international office in Singapore

The expansion of Aramco Trading in Singapore is part of Aramco’s strategy to optimize value across the whole oil and products chain, servicing our markets and customers, as well as support Saudi Aramco’s expanding refining operations and petrochemical output.

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Corporate Reports

Saudi Aramco Annual Review 2017

In 2017, Saudi Aramco continued to deliver on its long-term strategy of reliable supply to meet customer needs, thereby driving economic growth in the Kingdom and around the world. Despite uncertain, volatile market conditions, we continued to create long-term value to benefit our shareholder, customers, and partners.

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Material Suppliers

Material suppliers

We’re always on the lookout for fresh material suppliers. Find out if we could work together.

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We’re creating inspiring opportunities in the Indian subcontinent and southeast Asia through partnerships.

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